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    • MAD offers up two design proposals for Lucas Museum: one for SF, one for LA October 28, 2016
      MAD principal architect Ma Yansong worked on the two designs for the Lucas Museum at the same time and while they have some common features, the two proposals are also very different. The design for San Francisco seats the museum on Treasure Island, an artificial island in San Francisco Bay which is a former military site that now holds a host of tourist act […]
      Cat DiStasio
    • Voting has begun in the Green Halloween Costume Contest October 28, 2016
      Attention all ghouls and goblins. With the spookiest of holidays just around the corner, crafty DIY costumes are beginning to pop up everywhere, and voting has officially begun for finalists in Inhabitots' Green Halloween costume contest. Got a creatively handmade, recycled, and/or repurposed costume? We want to see it! There's still time to enter […]
      Charlie Radka
    • Melbourne architects renovate an 1880s Victorian home for the 21st century October 28, 2016
      The architects used white brick for the exterior of the house, as well as elements of the interior, including the fireplace. Natural materials such as cedar timber and hardwood dominate the verandah and extend into the interior. This combination reflects the varied mix of industrial and residential buildings, garages and outbuildings in the neighborhood. Rel […]
      Lidija Grozdanic
    • Worlds largest marine park established in Antarcticas Ross Sea October 28, 2016
      It’s an agreement five years in the making, but a deal has finally been struck to protect more than 1.5 million square kilometers of the Ross Sea surrounding Antarctica. The area, home to most of the planet’s penguins and whales, will become the largest marine park in the world. Fishing of any kind will be prohibited, protecting the most delicate coastal hab […]
      Katie Medlock
    • Armed police arrest 141 protesters over Dakota Access Pipeline October 28, 2016
      Morton County Sheriff's Department said they arrested 141 people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Officers who performed the arrests were reportedly armed and wearing riot gear, and arrived with soldiers and military Humvees. An airplane and helicopters monitoring the scene from above showed a string of law enforcement officials standing down prot […]
      Lacy Cooke
    • Colorful wind-powered community in Scotland is everything an eco-village should be October 28, 2016
      Built on a former brownfield site at the edge of Findhorn, the colorful design prioritized passive solar design at every turn. Each home includes sunspaces, which allow residents to make the most of passive solar gain, and the roofs are built with a south-facing pitch to maximize solar absorption during the Spring and Autumn equinox, said, according to the a […]
      Tafline Laylin
    • Nature-filled office takes over a former factory building in Amsterdam-Noord October 28, 2016
      Located in an emerging neighborhood of Amsterdam-Noord, the 1,600-square-meter renovated warehouse consists of a spacious industrial hall and office space. The architects removed all the interior walls and installed large windows along the facade to open the building up to views of the street and to bring in natural light, which also streams in through the e […]
      Lucy Wang
    • WHO cancer arm told experts to withhold glyphosate review documents October 28, 2016
      New evidence has come to light that illustrates the cancer agency of the World Health Organization advised experts to withhold documents pertaining to the dangerous pesticide glyphosate rather than release them, as they were asked to do under United States freedom of information laws. WHO made a splash last year when it denounced the widely used pesticide gl […]
      Cat DiStasio
    • San Diegos frozen zoo could bring extinct species back to life October 28, 2016
      The Frozen Zoo houses more than 1,000 species, but if you visit, you won’t see elephants or monkeys roaming about their enclosures. Instead you’ll see test tubes filled with cell cultures, stored in tubs of liquid nitrogen. All told, the samples take up slightly less space than a refrigerator. While the stored DNA is currently mostly used for research, conse […]
      Julie M. Rodriguez
    • "Living Bricks" could turn sunlight and waste water into energy-generating bioreactor walls October 28, 2016
      The project is a collaborative effort between Newcastle University and experts from the universities of the West of England (UWE Bristol), Trento, the Spanish National Research Council, LIQUIFER Systems Group and EXPLORA. The prototypical bricks are based on Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) technology originally developed at the University of West England. They har […]
      Tafline Laylin

Free up space on your hard drive!

With videos, games, programs, and other things, your computer probably is filled to the brim with files and other things. Here’s some great ways to free up hard drive space!

  1. Disk Defragmenter: This will free up hard drive space and make your computer run faster. Go to Start > All programs >  Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.
  2. Disk Cleanup: This convenient program will get rid of your temporary files, recycle bin, and whatever the heck else it deletes. Go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup or Start > My Computer > Right click whatever hard drive you wish to clean up > Properties > General Tab > Disk Cleanup

Hope this cleans up some hard drive space and allows you to run your cpu faster.

Make use of the internet!

This blog has got everything computer!

MakeUseOf: This blog has the tools to help you make your computing experience even better. From ASCII – Y’z. You can find anything to make your website better or just have fun.

Online Photoshop Alternatives!

I’ve spent the last few days researching the top 3 photoshop alternatives, and heres what I have

3.  Picnik: A free but not as totally in control as photoshop. Basic photo editing capabilities, but can’t add or erase or basically edit anything except hues and colors.


2. Adobe Photoshop Express: Basically a better version of picnik. It’s got the best theme in my book out of these though.



1. SplashUp!: A great (almost) fully functional photoshop alternative. You can do almost anything photoshop Cs3 can do… for a 100% discount! Great for a web app.


These are all great. Personally though, if you want a free, fully functional photoshop, (sorry, it’s not on the net) download GIMP.

OneMoreLevel – My favorite flash game site


I love this site. Onemorelevel has some great games. I love the easy navigation. The only thing that bothers me is the theme. Other than that, this site is great. Onemorelevel is a flash game site that offers a new game every day.

Anyways check it out and read the blog there.

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