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    • Far Sight House Stays Naturally Cool in Singapore April 21, 2014
      Completed in 2013, the semi-detached Far Sight House measures 4,983 square-feet and comprises two main floors, plus an attic space and terrace that's said to boast "million-dollar" views of Singapore's greener areas. Thanks to this view, the terrace has quickly
      Adam Williams
    • Astronomers Reveal the Most Livable, Earth-Like Planet Ever Discovered April 20, 2014
      In the race to find a planet besides Earth that can host life, scientists have made an incredible discovery. Astronomers recently confirmed the first ever planet similar in size to Earth at distance from its own star that would allow liquid water to pool on
      Kristine Lofgren
    • 8 Eggs-travagantly Egg-Shaped Buildings for Easter April 20, 2014
      Josef Stöger's Bavarian Forest National Park Treetop Walk Josef Stöger's winding timber walkway isn't just in the shape of an egg--it's also the longest treetop walk in the world! Located in Germany's Bavarian Forest National Park, this treetop walk wraps
      Lucy Wang
    • Band-Aid Circuit Boards: The Next Step in Wearable Technology? April 20, 2014
      Many experts predict that our beloved mobile technology will someday cease to be things we carry around in pockets or purses. Instead, we'll all have wearable technology that integrates telephone and Internet capabilities into the very clothes on our back.
      Beth Buczynski
    • 7 Ways to Reuse and Upcycle Your Plastic Easter Eggs April 20, 2014
      The Easter egg hunt is what most kids look forward to the most on this festive Spring holiday, but what's not so fun is what happens to the brightly colored plastic eggs once the weekend ends. If you're one of the many who are stuck with a growing collection
      Lucy Wang
    • Millionaire Creates Uber High Tech RV Camper for His Four-Year-Old Daughter April 20, 2014
      Ferren, a 61-year-old inventor and cofounder of tech design firm Applied Minds, came up with the unique camper van with his young daughter in mind, wanting her to explore the world safely after he is not around. Built with no detail spared, The Kiravan boasts
      Lori Zimmer
    • Best Green Designs From the Final Days of Milan Design Week April 20, 2014
      José Rodrigues de Araùjo's fabulous Bota Bandeira boots (displayed at the Brazilian exhibition) look like they could be worn by Oberon himself. Italian designer Giorgio Caporaso created this stunning piece that's a coffee table, lamp, and planter
      Patrick Toomey-Neri
    • 5 Incredibly Tiny & Awesome Mobile Homes April 20, 2014
      N55's Walking House Danish experimental studio N55 designed a modular self-sufficient home that can walk. The Walking House is a sustainable living unit complete with solar panels, micro windmills, and a composting toilet. Green Mountain College Student's
      Ana Lisa Alperovich
    • Vyacheslav Mishchenko Captures the Micro World’s Beauty in Magical Photos April 20, 2014
      People are often accused of anthropomorphizing non-human creatures when their actions "seem" to be similar to human activities, but is it really inconceivable that insects might think and feel the same things we do? What might a snail think when it sees its
      Lana Winter-Hébert
    • The Insane Plan to “Brighten” the Moon to Save Energy on Lighting at Night April 19, 2014
      Skincare company Foreo has an illuminating idea for saving energy: just increase the moon’s reflectivity to make the night sky brighter. Think of all the electricity savings if we didn’t have to power streetlights and houselights at night. The presumably
      Kristine Lofgren

Free up space on your hard drive!

With videos, games, programs, and other things, your computer probably is filled to the brim with files and other things. Here’s some great ways to free up hard drive space!

  1. Disk Defragmenter: This will free up hard drive space and make your computer run faster. Go to Start > All programs >  Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.
  2. Disk Cleanup: This convenient program will get rid of your temporary files, recycle bin, and whatever the heck else it deletes. Go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup or Start > My Computer > Right click whatever hard drive you wish to clean up > Properties > General Tab > Disk Cleanup

Hope this cleans up some hard drive space and allows you to run your cpu faster.

Make use of the internet!

This blog has got everything computer!

MakeUseOf: This blog has the tools to help you make your computing experience even better. From ASCII – Y’z. You can find anything to make your website better or just have fun.

Online Photoshop Alternatives!

I’ve spent the last few days researching the top 3 photoshop alternatives, and heres what I have

3.  Picnik: A free but not as totally in control as photoshop. Basic photo editing capabilities, but can’t add or erase or basically edit anything except hues and colors.


2. Adobe Photoshop Express: Basically a better version of picnik. It’s got the best theme in my book out of these though.



1. SplashUp!: A great (almost) fully functional photoshop alternative. You can do almost anything photoshop Cs3 can do… for a 100% discount! Great for a web app.


These are all great. Personally though, if you want a free, fully functional photoshop, (sorry, it’s not on the net) download GIMP.

OneMoreLevel – My favorite flash game site



I love this site. Onemorelevel has some great games. I love the easy navigation. The only thing that bothers me is the theme. Other than that, this site is great. Onemorelevel is a flash game site that offers a new game every day.

Anyways check it out and read the blog there.

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