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    • Catawba Falls Campground Gypsy Cabins Are Tiny Hikers’ Retreats in North Carolina October 22, 2014
      The tiny arched houses are just 8 x 14 feet, but can accommodate four people. The cabins are located next to a mountain creek and are the closest accommodation to Catawba Falls, around two miles away. They share the campground with a few other cabins and tent
      Lidija Grozdanic
    • Modular Foodlab on Wheels for Those Who Appreciate Flexibility in the Kitchen October 22, 2014
      The elements include all the storage and counter spaces of a generously organized kitchen, but are, unlike typical kitchens, completely mobile. Wooden modules, resembing industrial crates and casters, rest on four wheels, which allows for their more versatile
      Lidija Grozdanic
    • The World’s First Working Hoverboard is Finally Here October 22, 2014
      When it comes to hoverboards, we’re beginning to feel a bit jaded: we’ve been promised so much and yet we still don’t have a single working board to show for it. Nevertheless, the technology seems to be steadily moving in the right direction, so we can’t
      Kristine Lofgren
    • 6 Stylish Systems to Keep Your Organic Vegetable Garden Growing Year-Round October 22, 2014
      Aqualibrium If you live in the city, chances are you don't have much real estate to grow vegetables. Enter Aqualibrium: a miniature, modular, urban farming aquaponics system that gives renters a year-round, indoor food source, even if they're short on space.
      Lucy Wang
    • Cantilevered Cedar-Clad Japanese House Lets Trees Grow Through its Frame October 22, 2014
      UID Architects designed +node with a subdued all-timber palette to help the light-filled structure blend into to its forested surroundings. A diagonal pathway interrupts the upper-level rectangular volume, separating a small study to the north from the kitchen,
      Lucy Wang
    • Japanese Man Goes to Jail for Making 3D-printed Guns October 22, 2014
      In what is likely the first imprisonment related to 3D printing, a Japanese man was sent to jail on Monday for making guns with a 3D printer. According to Phys.org, 28-year-old Yoshitomo Imura was found guilty of making two guns at home with a printer and
      Colin Payne
    • BOOK REVIEW: “Chizi’s Tale” is the True Story of an Orphaned Black Rhino in Zimbabwe October 22, 2014
      "Chizi's Tale: The True Story of an Orphaned Black Rhino" is an eye-opening, real-life children's story of an orphaned baby rhino who was lucky enough to be taken in by a Zimbabwean conservationist and his family. Chizi was lovingly raised and prepared
      Beverley Mitchell
    • Sustainable Beluga Razors Put a New Spin on a Classic Shave October 22, 2014
      Did you know that in the United States alone, over 2 billion disposable razors are thrown in the garbage every year? That's a hell of a lot of plastic and waste metal accumulating in landfills across the country. People are quickly waking up to the fact
    • Lightweight Visio.M Electric Car Weighs in at Only 900 Pounds October 22, 2014
      Two years ago BMW, Daimler and scientists at the Technical University Munich (TUM) announced that they had joined forces to create an everyday, affordable and safe electric car, called the Visio.M. It's been over two years since we last heard about the Visio.M,
      Marc Carter
    • Australia’s Pittwater House Opens and Closes With Timber Shade Facade October 22, 2014
      The Pittwater House’s floor plan is divided into pavilions, one addressing the beach and the other facing the street or “front” of the home. Either side is connected with a sprawling double-height room that also houses the common areas of the kitchen
      Lori Zimmer

Free up space on your hard drive!

With videos, games, programs, and other things, your computer probably is filled to the brim with files and other things. Here’s some great ways to free up hard drive space!

  1. Disk Defragmenter: This will free up hard drive space and make your computer run faster. Go to Start > All programs >  Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.
  2. Disk Cleanup: This convenient program will get rid of your temporary files, recycle bin, and whatever the heck else it deletes. Go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup or Start > My Computer > Right click whatever hard drive you wish to clean up > Properties > General Tab > Disk Cleanup

Hope this cleans up some hard drive space and allows you to run your cpu faster.

Make use of the internet!

This blog has got everything computer!

MakeUseOf: This blog has the tools to help you make your computing experience even better. From ASCII – Y’z. You can find anything to make your website better or just have fun.

Online Photoshop Alternatives!

I’ve spent the last few days researching the top 3 photoshop alternatives, and heres what I have

3.  Picnik: A free but not as totally in control as photoshop. Basic photo editing capabilities, but can’t add or erase or basically edit anything except hues and colors.


2. Adobe Photoshop Express: Basically a better version of picnik. It’s got the best theme in my book out of these though.



1. SplashUp!: A great (almost) fully functional photoshop alternative. You can do almost anything photoshop Cs3 can do… for a 100% discount! Great for a web app.


These are all great. Personally though, if you want a free, fully functional photoshop, (sorry, it’s not on the net) download GIMP.

OneMoreLevel – My favorite flash game site



I love this site. Onemorelevel has some great games. I love the easy navigation. The only thing that bothers me is the theme. Other than that, this site is great. Onemorelevel is a flash game site that offers a new game every day.

Anyways check it out and read the blog there.

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