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    • INFOGRAPHIC: Why It’s Important to Insulate Your Home Properly October 31, 2014
      Did you know that insulating your house properly can save you money in both winter and summertime? In winter, insulation keeps warm air from escaping your home and stops drafts from chilling you to the core, while in summer, it regulates your home's temperature
    • U.S. Shrimp May Not Be What Consumers Bargained For October 31, 2014
      Marine conservation group Oceana has uncovered a nationwide shrimp scandal that has seafood lovers feeling queasy. Using DNA testing, the group examined 143 shrimp dishes from stores and restaurants across America, finding that a whopping 30 percent were misrepresented.
      Lori Zimmer
    • Nick Gentry Transforms Old Film and Disks into Captivating Portraits October 31, 2014
      With the age of technology advancing faster than we can possibly keep up with, we are left with obsolete media. Film cameras have been replaced with digital capture and USB drives render floppy disks useless. As an artist, Gentry finds beauty in these forgotten
      Lori Zimmer
    • Taxidermy and Contemporary Art Collide in Nevada Museum of Art’s Late Harvest Exhibition October 31, 2014
      Among the most striking sculptures in Late Harvest is Kate Clark's "Licking the Plate," a hybrid creature with an animal body and a feminine human face. The piece forces viewers to decide whether they identify more with the creature's animal or human qualities,
      Mark Boyer
    • How to Make Your Own Organic Caramel Apple Treats for Halloween October 31, 2014
      We're still enjoying the best of apple season, and there's no better way to enjoy their crisp deliciousness than by taking a big bite out of a caramel apple. They make autumn feel just a little more festive, but you don't have to go to a carnival or a state
    • The World’s Smallest, Cheapest 3D Printer Can be Yours for $299 October 31, 2014
      Getting a start in 3D printing can be a pretty costly and intimidating endeavor, with most printers in the affordable range coming in at around $1,000. But for $299, the makers of the iBox Nano aim to provide an alternative that is not only cheaper, but
      Charley Cameron
    • This Incredible Living Building Hosts More Greenery on Its Facade Than the Original, Undeveloped Plot of Land October 31, 2014
      Next year will mark thirty years since the construction of artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser's iconic Hundertwasserhaus in the Kegelgasse district of Vienna, Austria. Hundertwasser's fantastical artistic vision was inspired by his dream to align architecture
      Laura Mordas-Schenkein
    • New Study Reveals Earth’s Oceans May Be Almost as Old as the Planet October 31, 2014
      A groundbreaking new study led by scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has revealed that the first evidence of water on Earth and in the inner solar system dates the arrival of water to a much earlier time than previously believed.
      Beverley Mitchell
    • Top 6 Creepiest Buildings for a Frightful Halloween October 31, 2014
      Check out the 6 Creepiest Buildings for a Frightful Halloween: GEOtube is a Building That Grows its Own Weblike Saline Skin Ancient London Crypt Resurrected as a Creepy Contemporary Art Gallery Wim Delvoye's Creepy Stained Glass Windows are Made from Recycled
      Tafline Laylin
    • Atelier Data Transforms an Old Horse Stable into a Simple but Stunning Home in Portugal October 31, 2014
      Located in central Alcácer do Sal, Alentejo, the 14 hectare property named ‘Sítio das Lezírias’ has long been used for farming. The surrounding region, near the navigable Sado river, is known as a fertile zone for agriculture. A strategy to revive old
      Bridgette Meinhold

Free up space on your hard drive!

With videos, games, programs, and other things, your computer probably is filled to the brim with files and other things. Here’s some great ways to free up hard drive space!

  1. Disk Defragmenter: This will free up hard drive space and make your computer run faster. Go to Start > All programs >  Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.
  2. Disk Cleanup: This convenient program will get rid of your temporary files, recycle bin, and whatever the heck else it deletes. Go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup or Start > My Computer > Right click whatever hard drive you wish to clean up > Properties > General Tab > Disk Cleanup

Hope this cleans up some hard drive space and allows you to run your cpu faster.

Make use of the internet!

This blog has got everything computer!

MakeUseOf: This blog has the tools to help you make your computing experience even better. From ASCII – Y’z. You can find anything to make your website better or just have fun.

Online Photoshop Alternatives!

I’ve spent the last few days researching the top 3 photoshop alternatives, and heres what I have

3.  Picnik: A free but not as totally in control as photoshop. Basic photo editing capabilities, but can’t add or erase or basically edit anything except hues and colors.


2. Adobe Photoshop Express: Basically a better version of picnik. It’s got the best theme in my book out of these though.



1. SplashUp!: A great (almost) fully functional photoshop alternative. You can do almost anything photoshop Cs3 can do… for a 100% discount! Great for a web app.


These are all great. Personally though, if you want a free, fully functional photoshop, (sorry, it’s not on the net) download GIMP.

OneMoreLevel – My favorite flash game site



I love this site. Onemorelevel has some great games. I love the easy navigation. The only thing that bothers me is the theme. Other than that, this site is great. Onemorelevel is a flash game site that offers a new game every day.

Anyways check it out and read the blog there.

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